How To Start, Scale, and Manage your own SEO Agency

... Without Enslaving Yourself To Clients

July 29th 2016, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

After 5 minutes of fighting my way out of the mosquito net surrounding the bed, I finally made it to my laptop.

9:34am, not bad.

My client email popped up as soon as I opened my laptop.

"No new mail"

I did the standard checks:

Ran through all my rankings, nothing out of the ordinary.

​Checked my campaigns on Trello.

Checked Facebook and my secondary inbox.​

Then 11 minutes later, closed my laptop, woke up my girlfriend, and got ready to head out for breakfast.​

And that was my workday finished, aside from one client email at 5:02pm:

11 days later, one of those referrals signed as a client:

Of course, this wasn't a regular day

It wasn't as far from it as you would expect though.

I don't get referrals like that every day. And I don't live overlooking the beach.

But I also don't have to set an alarm to force me up at a certain time in the morning.

I don't wake up to an army of demands from clients.

And I don't waste my day in an office watching for the clock to hit 5pm.

At least not anymore.

My first dealing with clients on the other hand, wasn't so fun.

"SCREW THIS", I thought.

I charged a local business £300 to build a website. That's less than 1 customer for them.

So when they proceeded to send me a list, longer than my arm, of changes they would like done to the design, my ego didn't react kindly.

Thankfully it was an email, so they didn't get to see it.

But I vowed to never have to deal with clients anymore.

Though just like New Years Resolutions, that fell apart shortly after.

A referral was sent from one of those £300 website clients, a guy wanting "SEO".

"Nope", I thought.

But I scheduled a meeting anyway. It's hard to turn down money when you're struggling to clear $150 per month.

The referral was a local guy, around 34 years old, nearly twice my size, and rocking a plain suit, no tie. Professional looking.

His name is Tim.

Tim was part of a fast growing national franchise. He had 30+ employees, and a company less than a year old.

Naturally, I quit my vow, told him I'd love to work with him, and ended the meeting with a promise to send a proposal.

And the funny thing is...

"I didn't even know SEO"

​I blabbered my way through it with around 13 minutes of research before the meeting, and basic web knowledge.

But somehow, I got the go ahead:

Almost started dancing I was so excited.

The very next day, I purchased a training course on how to do SEO:

​I followed their instructions to the letter...

Within a month that client was ranked #2 for their main keyword, and I became one of the first testimonials for the course:

​I'll admit, this wasn't the most competitive keyword, and the client was already on the first page.

But this was the biggest lightbulb moment I'd had in nearly 2 years.

"If I get 10 clients like this for SEO, I'll be able to travel and live anywhere I want"

There was just one thing that would ruin that:

"What if Tim is a pain in the a**?"

Well, it turns out Tim was probably the easiest client to manage in my history of dealing with clients.

Remember when I mentioned Tim' company was less than a year old and had 30+ employees?

Well, I found out that means, Tim was EXTREMELY busy.

So much so that our communication was an email once a month or twice a month, after the initial setup.

And that was the real eye opener.

It's not that all clients suck, it's just that I was getting the wrong ones.

So I made a plan:

If I target larger companies that can easily afford $1,000 per month, they'll be so busy they won't bother me.

There was just one glaring issue with it:

I didn't know how to sell, I was awkward on the phone, and I had no idea where to find 9 more clients.

Thankfully, I had Google to teach me.

And it did... Kind of...​

I ended up trying out sending cold emails, running Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, messaging people on LinkedIn, sending lumpy mail letters... you name it, I've tried it.

They all failed. All of them.

​I'd send email after email, only to feel like I was wasting my time.

People were opening them, just not responding.

When they did respond, they only said:

"How much is this going to cost?"

And after finally building up the courage to make a cold call, I would just get hammered with rejections.

Or after sending 100 lumpy mail letters, the only response I got was to aggressively tell me to get lost.

There was no magical message I sent that had busineesses calling me up begging me to take their money.

(There still isn't)

​So after repeated failure, and $28,000+ in screwed up deals, I realised the solution:

"I Need To Test"

​First up was my sales process.

Originally I tried to close deals like this:

It worked for the first ever client, but that was it.​

After several awkward calls with no structure, terrible salesmanship, and a serious lack of confidence...

I learnt to script and structure my entire sales process.

Today, it's more like this:

​And then I started doing the same with marketing my services.

What happens if I include a custom video with my outreach message?

(Hint: It massively increases responses)​

​What happens if I follow up to all lumpy mail letters with a cold call?

(Hint: It massively increases number of appointments set)​

​And no, this didn't miraculously work overnight. I wish.

​But slowly I started to generate more and more leads, and clients.

Over time my prices slowly increased. Now up to a $4,000/m minimum.

And my team expanded too.

My business today is run by 2 virtual assistants in the Philippines, and a house-trained SEO specialist.

I'll admit...

This took YEARS to learn, tens of thousands of dollars invested, and a lot of "failures".

But today, I'm going to make this even easier for you...

I Want To Give You The
Exact Systems I've Used To Manage
and Scale My Agency

See, the reason it took so long to turn it into a 6 figure agency was the testing.

None of this came naturally to me.

If you were to ask me my biggest weakness then, I'd have said "dealing with people".

Today it's a whole different game.

70-80% of people that receive a proposal, sign as a client.

Is that luck or because I'm an amazing salesman? No.

It's because I use the exact same proposal template, the exact same script, and the exact same closes...

Every single time.

These systems and processes are what make my agency what it is today.

Take away McDonald's systems, and they're just another crappy burger restaurant.​

But knowing you can walk into any McDonalds, anywhere in the world, and get the exact same order... that makes it special.

So why am I sharing this with you?

The truth is I owe it to the community.

When I got that first client, I was earning less than $150 per month.

I was living with my parents. Nothing seemed to be working.

My life was just 12-14 hour days of endless boredom and failure, attempting to rebuild my business.

The only reason my parents didn't force me to get a job, was because I kept them afloat in the recession just 2 years earlier, before I lost my first business.

And without the support and inspiration from this community, and that SEO course, I would still be in that same situation today.

So I owe it to you, and this community, to give back.

But before I give you my systems, you need to understand the 3 principles behind them:

  • All Clients Need To Be High Paying ($1,000+ per month). I quickly decided that the money was in higher paying clients. Smaller ones tend to be more difficult to work with, and ultimately you need more of them.
  • It Must Be Easily Managed. Even with my first client, I knew I wanted to travel. So no physical meetings after they've signed. And the work needs to be easily outsourced.
  • It needs to be "shy, introverted nerd-proof". I feel weird being pushy on the phone. I used to sound extremely unconfident on the phone. I was terrified of cold calling. I'm happy to get out of my comfort zone, but cold calling 50 businesses wasn't what I wanted to do - and that needed to be okay.

So if you're not a confident speaker, a terrible "hard-closer", or anything like me... Don't worry, these systems were made for you.

How To Swipe My Systems For Your Agency

The first time I ever shared this, I obviously didn't want everyone to compete with me.

So I kept it to a few hand-selected students in a private bootcamp...​

That paid $2,000 each for the privilege.

This was back in November 2015.​

75% of them got their first client during or after the bootcamp.

But don't worry, you're not going to pay anywhere near that.

And you'll be getting the exact same training, plus all the updates.

So here's what I've got...​

A 10-Module Training Program To Help You
Start, Manage, and Scale Your Own SEO Agency

Specifically, it's the exact replays of the original $2,000 bootcamp, with newly revised and expanded training... and it's all in a membership area that you'll have lifetime access to.

That means you'll get instant access to all 10 modules:

Module 1. The Foundation

The first module is about laying the groundwork for your agency. Client acquisition and growth is important, but without a solid plan and foundation, you won't get anywhere.

Here you'll learn:

  • How to instantly make your agency stand out from every other apparent SEO expert so you aren't competing with $150 per month SEO's
  • How to determine your most ideal clients, so your marketing is laser focused to stand out to great potential clients
  • What services you should be selling (Hint: it's not just a monthly retainer), so you can make the most money without scaring away clients with expensive retainers
  • How to price your services so you're not pricing yourself out of the market, or under-valuing yourself

Module 2. Agency Setup

In module 2, you'll learn how to get your agency setup and ready to begin taking on clients. Including:

  • How to setup your agency site so it doesn't just "look pretty", but actually converts your visitors into leads
  • How to write the copy on your site so you don't look like every other agency that needs to compete on price
  • A simple approach to find your first paying client in the next 2-3 weeks, so you can immediately start generating cashflow to invest into growing your agency
  • How to setup your company before getting clients, so you look more professional and don't put off companies from working with you (extremely important for people targeting Europe)

Module 3. Prospecting

In module 3, you'll learn how to find your ideal clients to reach out to and convert into clients. This deserves an entire training on it’s own and is the most underrated part of building an agency. Here you'll learn:

  • Where to find hot lists of your ideal prospects which gives you an unlimited supply of leads to advertise to so you can consistently complete outreach
  • The biggest mistake most people make when building prospecting lists, understanding this will bring you better quality leads that are easier to sell high-end services to
  • Which elements to look at in a business to qualify them as an ideal clients, doing this will save you hundreds of hours and potentials thousands of dollars of wasted advertising
  • A list of recommended go-to sites that you can immediately go on and begin prospecting so there’s no need to guess, just go on the recommended sites and get started
  • Hidden sources you can tap into that most people completely miss out, this takes extra research but gives you better quality leads, and guarantees you aren’t promoting to the exact same businesses as everyone else

Module 4. Outreach

In module 4, you'll learn how to reach out to your ideal clients to get them interested in your services, and how to later follow up. Here you'll learn:

  • The single most effective "style" of marketing for selling SEO services, so you can turn cold leads into 4 figure per month clients, without being stuck competing over price
  • How to create "video audits" that hook cold leads and turn them into hot ready-to-buy leads so you can get real responses from cold outreach without lowering your prices
  • How to use the "fake video audit" method to half the number of videos you need to create (or less) so you can reach 3-5x more businesses with your daily outreach
  • How to create automated webinars for selling SEO services so you can sell to more prospects with less work
  • How to write cold emails that demand attention, hook prospects, and generate responses without breaking any laws or sounding like every other agency in the world
  • The biggest misunderstanding about lumpy mail and how to do it properly so you can position yourself as an expert and turn the tables so clients actually want to hire you
  • How to bypass gatekeepers on the phone for cold calling or follow up, so you can speak to the decision maker directly (and actually have a chance of closing the deal)
  • The 2 different cold calling approaches for selling high-end services over the phone (1 of these is completely different to what most people do), so you can develop a skill to generate clients on demand, without having to do hundreds of calls just to figure out how to approach it
  • The only 5 outreach methods you should use to attract your first clients, including exact templates and scripts to use, so you can shortcut your testing and copy/paste my proven processes
  • How to follow up with your prospects 5-10x until they're ready to buy, including templates and scripts, so you don't miss easy client opportunities (since most clients will only sign after follow up)

Module 5. Closing

In module 5, you'll learn how to convert your leads into paying clients, using just a phone. Here you'll learn:

  • A proven 5 step sales funnel to run your prospects through that works in every country or language, and has been used by students to close 6-7 figures worth of deals, so you have a simple process to follow without guess-work
  • How to sell entirely over the phone so you can do it from anywhere in the world without ever having to meet prospects
  • How to create a proposal that closes 70-80% of prospects, including my personal proposal template, so you can stop losing out on thousands of dollars worth of deals you could have easily closed
  • What to say on the phone, including my copy and paste scripts so you can immediately start sounding like an expert and remove all the “umm’s” and “uhhs” from your calls
  • What to say if they ask you for testimonials or example sites, and how you can avoid this question even coming up 90% of the time, so you don’t have to spend 6 months building example sites to get clients
  • How to ask for the sale repeatedly and overcome objections without sounding like a used car salesman so you can confidently push for the sale without feeling weird and not freak out about what to say when they give any type of objection

Module 6. Delivering Your Services

In module 6, you'll learn how to deliver the services you've sold to your client. Here you'll learn:

  • A week-by-week plan to rank any clients website so you have a simple, repeatable process for ranking clients that you can easily outsource without having to hire expensive experts
  • How I build PBN links including a breakdown of safely using anchor texts in 2016 so you don’t get your clients penalised or sandboxed but get the best out of your PBNs
  • How to create an SEO audit that you can sell for $1,000+ so you can attract more clients with an "entry level offer", and even sell to people that can't afford your monthly retainer and would prefer to do it themselves
  • How to outsource your link building and PBN links if you don't want to do it yourself, so you can focus 100% on client acquisition and management (which is very smart)

I'll be honest: This isn't a full breakdown of how to rank. You'll get an exact "blueprint" and process to use to rank clients, but if you don't know how to do all the onpage and link building correctly, it may be too advanced for you.

Don't worry, you'll also have the option to bundle in my Scientific Rankings course with this training, so you'll also have a full step-by-step breakdown of how to rank for anything. To the right person though, this is extremely valuable.

Module 7. Managing Clients

In module 7, you'll learn how to manage your clients without frustrating them so they leave, or frustrating yourself so you feel like you're in a high-paying job. Here you'll learn:

  • How to make your clients like you so much they never want to leave (presuming you deliver results) so you’re not stuck trying to find new clients every 3-6 months
  • How to turn 1 client into 3 – a simple strategy you can copy to get more clients without spending hours on outreach
  • How to turn your SEO client into a pay per lead client, switch mediums, and multiply what they’re paying you so you’re not entirely relying on SEO and can make a lot more money per client (while making them significantly more too)
  • What to upsell to your clients and how to deliver it so you can get more money from your clients (and provide more results) without getting entirely new clients
  • How to bill and take payments from your clients even if you’re non-technical so you can easy setup recurring payments and take money from your clients without any questions or stress
  • How to track your clients results and deliver automated monthly reports so you can save yourself the time fiddling around with all the tools or creating it manually
  • How to communicate with clients and update them so you can keep them up to date, but aren't wasting your time and feeling like you're damaging your ability to deliver results and take on new clients
  • How to make your clients happy to have little communication from you, so you can take on even more clients and have more time freedom

Module 8. Expert Positioning

In module 8, you'll learn how to position yourself as an expert so clients start coming to you. This is an advanced module for once you've got a few clients from outreach. Here you'll learn:

  • How to start your own podcast so you have instant credibility and expert positioning with clients without ever showing an example site or ranking
  • How to create awesome content that people love and share, while instantly recognising you as an expert, since you must be if you created that content
  • The 3 types of blog posts that work best for building your email list, positioning you as an expert, and generating traffic so you can focus on creating less content while still getting the same reach and positioning

Module 9. List Building

In module 9, you'll learn how to build a list of prospects that you can sell to through automated emails, and use to generate clients on demand. Here you'll learn:

  • A breakdown of the different types of tools you'll need to build your own list, and the exact tools I personally use, so you can skip the research and get on with building a profitable list
  • How to create a squeeze page (also known as an opt in page) that converts, including my highest converting template, so you don't waste traffic you could have converted
  • The 3 most important squeeze page elements you should test so you don't waste time on pointless tests and will see measurable differences on split-tests
  • How to use "autoresponders" to deliver automated emails to your list that build a relationship and convert them into hot, ready-to-buy leads so you can just focus on building your list and automatically warm up prospects
  • The 8-part autoresponder series I recommend using specifically for selling SEO services so you can convert your leads into sales calls without spamming them with endless offers
  • Why I send daily emails and how you can do the same in a way that people will love your emails, respond to them, and take you up on your offers
  • How to use Facebook Ads to build a list of high potential clients so you can control your ability to bring in clients without waiting for them to come to you
  • A simple 4-part funnel you can use to automatically turn Facebook Ad traffic into paying clients, so you can cover your advertising cost automatically within weeks of spending it
  • How to use retargeting to get your leads and traffic closer to making a buying decision, this is great for automatically breaking down objections before you ever get on the phone, so closing the sale is even easier

Module 10. Outsourcing

In module 10, you'll learn how to hire virtual assistants and outsource your work so you have more time for scaling and client acquisition. Here you'll learn:

  • Where to find the ideal type of VA for your business level (my personal sources) so you save yourself the time and hassle of choosing wrong
  • A step by step process for hiring virtual assistants so you can hire fast fire fast, and get quality VA’s as soon as possible
  • How to make your VA’s love working for you, even if the works boring, so your top VA’s don’t leave after 6 months
  • How to train your VA to do anything, including my personal step-by-step PBN management training doc for training your VA how to setup and manage your private blog network, so you don’t have to spend 10+ hours recording videos and planning out how to systemise everything
  • How to outsource web design without being giving a billion revisions so you don’t become the clients website slave and feel like killing yourself (you’ll know the feeling if you’ve ever had a bad client)

How To Join Agency Immersion

Immersion is now officially re-open to join

Choose from one of the packages below, and click "Add to Cart" to get instant access to the training.

Note: Monthly payment plans include content dripping over 60 days, since they're aimed more at beginners​

The Consultant

For people that just want to get clients and build an agency

  • Lifetime access to all 10 modules of Agency Immersion
  • Free access to all future updates
  • (Bonus) 5 LIVE Coaching Webinars
  • (Bonus) Affiliate SEO Training Webinar Replay
  • (Bonus) Webinar Replay-  Scaling from 4-5 figure with Armando
  • Access to my exclusive 7 Figure Lions Mastermind group (currently 52 members)

One payment of $597
or 4 monthly payments of $177

The Client Expert

For people that are interested in becoming a total client, including mastery over SEO.

  • Lifetime access to all 10 modules of Agency Immersion
  • (Bonus) 5 LIVE Coaching Webinars
  • (Bonus) Affiliate SEO Training Webinar Replay
  • (Bonus) Webinar Replay-  Scaling from 4-5 figure with Armando
  • Access to my exclusive 7 Figure Lions Mastermind group (currently 52 members)
  • Access to Scientific Rankings, a 9 module course on how to rank step-by-step (previously sold for $497)

One payment of $997
or 4 monthly payments of $287

Immersion Accelerator

For people that want results as soon as possible, and want coaching to push them.

  • Lifetime access to all 10 modules of Agency Immersion
  • Free access to all future updates
  • (Bonus) 5 LIVE Coaching Webinars
  • (Bonus) Affiliate SEO Training Webinar Replay
  • (Bonus) Webinar Replay-  Scaling from 4-5 figure with Armando
  • Access to my exclusive 7 Figure Lions Mastermind group (currently 52 members)
  • Access to Scientific Rankings, a 9 module course on how to rank step-by-step (previously sold for $497)
  • 10 Coaching Calls with Daryl to help you implement all this training for fastest results

One payment of $3,750

Daryl Rosser

Creator of Agency Immersion

About the Author

I'm a client SEO and recovered gaming addict. I also do some affiliate SEO and lead gen.

When I'm not doing SEO, I'm either helping other SEO's through my podcast, blog, and Facebook group at​

Or travelling, currently in South East Asia. Last year visiting 8 countries.​

See what some past students have to say:

"I joined in November... [I was] learning throughout November and December... [then] did $2.6k in January"

Brandon Williams Agency Owner

"I used the script to close a $3k prepayment plus $1,500/m lawyer client"

Referring to the sales script for closing deals over the phone:

"I used the script to close a $3k prepayment plus $1,500/m lawyer client.

I actually forgot to use the script a few times because I was nervous... then I remembered the script and closed my 1st client."

NIR LEVI Agency Owner

"Two days ago I closed my first client for 750 AUD/month"

​Referring to the sales training webinar in Module 5:

"Two days ago I closed my first client for 750 AUD/month. I would like to thank you, Daryl, for putting together this great webinar and sharing your proposal template.

If I hadn't discovered it through your site, I would probably still sit here and wonder why I can't close a client through emails after almost 3 months of continuous efforts.

Even by giving a lot of value and building trust upfront with those 20 USD / free trial clients (which I had 12 in 2 months combined fb ads and cold calls) it's important that you speak to them over the phone, since in that kind of major sale they are not only buying the marketing service, but also an ongoing relationship with you... Cheers!"

Stefan Neumair Agency Owner

"This is the setup fee for a 6 month $1,000+ a month contract"

​Referring to the sales training webinar in Module 5:

"This is the set up fee for a 6 month $1000+ a month contract that I just landed by using the closing techniques from Daryl's sales webinar.

Education is really powerful.

I had a couple of meetings with this client and explained the whole process / strategy for ranking sites over about an hour and a half.

Was able to close with practically no objections, and the client said something along the lines of thinking I would be really thorough when working on their SEO."

David Frank Agency Owner

Is Agency Immersion right for you?

As much as I would love to help everyone, this training simply isn't for everyone. Let me be clear:

If you have no interest in dealing with people, making calls, or selling to people... this isn't for you.

But don't let fear or lack of experience with these things stop you, the training will cover you for that.

To put it simple:

This training is PERFECT for you if:

  • You are looking to build a highly profitable marketing agency (especially if it's SEO)
  • You want to start generating cashflow from SEO to invest into other projects like affiliate SEO
  • You're struggling to generate leads for your agency
  • You're struggling to convert the leads you have into high paying clients
  • You suffer from bad positioning making it difficult to charge high prices
  • The few clients you have, are taking up almost all of your time, making it virtually impossible to scale
  • You run an agency already but it feels like a well-paying job
  • You have a few clients but it feels unpredictable, almost "lucky", and need a more consistent way of scaling
  • You run at agency at the moment where you do almost all of the work

If any of the above statements sound like you, this training will help you.

But I understand it can be a difficult decision, especially for people just starting out, so let me answer a few questions you may be asking yourself:​

Does this work in X country or X language?

Yes. While I haven't personally tested it outside of a few English speaking countries, it's been used by students all over the world. Doesn't matter where you are, there are always businesses that will benefit from marketing (inc. SEO), and the marketing and sales strategies you'll learn in this course work absolutely anywhere.

Will it teach me how to rank?

There is a module focused on how to deliver your services, but it's not intended to be a comprehensive "how to rank" training. Instead, it's an advanced level overview of what you need to do - week by week.

If you have an advanced understanding of SEO, that should be more than sufficient and add a lot of value by simplifying it down to a simple step-by-step process.​

But for anyone that isn't 100% certain in their ranking ability, you can join the "Client Expert" package. That also includes lifetime access to my Scientific Rankings course.

Scientific Rankings is a 9 module course breaking down step-by-step how to rank any website.

This training is usually sold for $497, so you're saving $100 by purchasing it together.​

You can learn more about Scientific Rankings here

I'm a total beginner, will I understand everything?

Absolutely, this training was created with beginners in mind.

Many of the students of this program started with no experience running an agency, and no experience with ever ranking a website.

Everything in the training is broken down into simple step-by-step actions, so anyone can follow it, regardless of your experience or past results.

I'm not a beginner, is it too basic for me?

If you're already running an agency and already have some clients, then you'll probably know some of what we cover.

But that definitely doesn't mean you won't learn something from this.

Whether that's outsourcing, creating systems for your team, improving your sales process, or creating a more repeatable approach to getting clients... there is a lot of advanced training in here.

It's just broken down into simple step-by-step processes for absolutely anyone to follow.

Am I too young or too old to do this?

If you're reading this, I doubt you're either.

There's no such thing as too old to do this. As long as you have the commitment to learn, you'll be able to follow along.

As for younger people, the only thing you have to account for is the lack of trust you may have being younger. I know this from experience, being asked if I was still in school on my first ever SEO sale​.

The upside of being young though, is that often times they'll instantly presume you're good at this stuff... because y'know... you're young.​

I'm not sure I have enough money to do this, how much will everything cost?

Not to sound like every sales guy in the world, but remember to account for how much it'll cost you without this...

Thousands of dollars of lost deals, months of wasted time learning ropes, you get the idea.

The actual costs of running your agency will depend what stage you're at. Initially, I recommend putting all of your effort into client acquisition, so no more than a few hundred dollars.

And best of all... It's FREE if you implement a technique I share with you in Module 2 to get your first ever client.

I have a job/family, how much time will this take up?

This is a great question. The answer varies on how much you're willing to invest.

For example, you can hire an assistant to help you with prospecting. Or pay for tools or leads to help speed things up.

But if you're on a tight budget now, and for starting out, I recommend having at least 4 hours per day to put into this.

Is this step-by-step training?

Yes. Everything is broken down into simple step-by-step processes you can follow to go from an absolute beginner that's never done SEO or dealt with clients before, to managing several clients and delivering great results to them.

And for more experienced people, you can jump in at any point and follow the step-by-step directions from there.

Will I get instant access to the training?

If you make the full payment, you'll have instant access to the full training.

For anyone using the payment plan, you'll get the training dripped in the following order:​

Instant access: Module 1 & 2
After 7 days: Module 3
After 14 days: Module 4
After 28 days: Module 5
After 42 days: Module 6 & 7
After 60 days: Module 8, 9 & 10

This dripping is designed specifically for people just starting out, so you see the relevant information at the right time, without overwhelming yourself.

And don't forget about the bonuses

On top of 10 modules of training personally delivered by me (Daryl), you'll also get the following bonuses to really make sure absolutely everything you need is given to you:

Scaling from 4 to 5 figures per month
with Armando Saenz ($97 Value)

Armando is a good friend of mine, and one of the most open and sharing guys I know.

He's currently running an SEO agency out of his home in Texas, doing around $37,000 per month.

And funny enough, he built most of that up while working a full time job.

As part of Immersion, you're also going to get a webinar replay Armando presented where he shared his best advice for scaling your agency from 4 to 5 figures per month. This is a 2 hour 5 minute long webinar that you'll get instant access to inside Agency Immersion.

(This was previously sold for $97, but since kept private for Agency Immersion students only)

5 Free Coaching Webinars ($485 Value)

For anyone that joins before Midnight on July 17th, you'll also get to attend 5 free coaching webinars.

As a re-opening special offer, I'm going to be hosting 5 free webinars to help you work through the training the best way, and ultimately get the best results out of it.

Here's the details for the webinars:

Webinar 1: Introduction to Agency Immersion
​Date: Nov 18th at 10am ET

Webinar 2: Agency Setup Training​
Date: Nov 21st at 10am ET

Webinar 3: Prospecting Training
Date: Nov 25th at 10am ET​

Webinar 4: Outreach Training
Date: Nov 30th at 10am ET

Webinar 5: Building a 6-7 figure agency
Date: Dec 5th at 10am ET​

These will be exclusive for students of this program, so I should be able to answer your questions during them. You'll get instant access to the registration links inside the members area.

Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate SEO ($127 Value)

You're also going to get instant access to my pay per lead / pay per call affiliate webinar, where I breakdown how I'm building 4 figure per month affiliate sites.

You'll learn how to get into affiliate networks, where to find great offers, and how to choose low competition - yet highly lucrative keywords.

(This has never been sold publicly before, but someone literally offered me $127 for it and I turned them down)

That's $709 of bonuses. Included free.

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  • Lifetime access to all 10 modules of the Agency Immersion course
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You are fully protected by our Action-Taker Guarantee. If you implement at least 5 small changes from the course within the next 29 days, and decide this isn't right for you, just let us know and we'll send you a full refund.

More testimonials from past students:

"English is not my first language. I'm mom of an infant (really busy mom) and I didn't have any impressive portfolio to show"

I bought your course in May and so far got 2 clients. [The] "Sell by teaching" method really worked for me.

I add my twist by focusing on using words like establishing a good reputation, brand and lead generation instead of overly used SEO terms. One client told me that the thing he loved about my proposal is I'm talking more about increasing bottom line and conversion rate optimization while everyone else was just selling him we rank for this n that.

Another client I recently closed wanted to switch his SEO agency. In my proposal to him, I highlighted the important issues that affect local snack pack n organic rankings and audit his website based on those ranking signals. I use headings like factors, the good (what is done good on their website n citations), the bad (what is missing). I also shared some suggestions for improvement here n there. Guess what ?? he ended up paying me more. 

The most interesting part of the story is... English is not my first language. I'm mom of an infant (really busy mom) and I didn't have any impressive portfolio to show.

Bottom line: if I can do this with limited time, no portfolio and language issue, anyone can do it. Seriously. Best money I have ever spend in online learning.​

Sumera Ali Agency Owner

"Prospect even said it was the best proposal they had ever seen"

Just finished my first ever video walk through proposal using Daryl's method. Prospect even said it was the best proposal they had ever seen too. Didn't manage to close on the phone, found it quite difficult to transition from "okay we will think about it/discuss it" to the "Sure, but....." -- AKA My sales needs some work! Thanks Daryl though appreciate the strategy and fingers cross they come on board!

5 days later...

Landed the client..... Happy days, cheers Daryl for the techniques. 100% would not have landed that particular client with my old closing strategy. Aim is to land 10 before the end of the year! Cheers again.​


"My life's becoming more streamlined, and I have more financial freedom and freedom in my life to shape it the way I want"

Within 3 weeks of going through the sales training in module 5, Nate used it to sign a client. Bringing him up to $6,800 per month from just 2 clients. Since then he's taken on more and more, while outsourcing all of the work since he isn't that technical with SEO,


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"Your business is a collection of systems working together to achieve a goal. Fix your systems, and you'll be amazed how much more lucrative and fun your business will be.”

Daryl Rosser
Creator of Agency Immersion

P.S. This is a special re-opening offer for Immersion early birds. The price will be going up soon, and the '5 free coaching webinars bonus' will be ending at Midnight on November 17th.

Remember, the​ worst case scenario is... You try it out over the next month, decide it's not right for you... then get all of your money back.

But what happens if you don't take the leap of faith?

You continue not fully committing yourself, so not getting the best results you can?

You continue spending weeks, even months, testing different strategies out so you can find something that works?

You lose thousands, potentially tens of thousands of dollars worth of deals, that you could have easily gotten if you had a proven sales process?​

You give up after what feels like endless failures, and move on to try the next "hot opportunity"?​

You decide which is more risky to you. I can't answer that for you.

All I can say for sure, is that if I didn't invest into the training courses and coaching that I purchased when first starting SEO... I wouldn't be where I am today. Maybe, I'd get there in the end. Who knows. But it was absolutely worth it. for me.

If you know you could benefit from this training, and you're willing to work like crazy to get results from it, then don't let anything stop you. 

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Disclaimer: Let's be real. While plenty of people have got great results from the training inside Agency Immersion, even more haven't. In fact, I think that most people that go through training like this never get any results. The reason I believe that's true is that most people are not willing to take action. They lose momentum after a few weeks, and over time it drops off of their priority list. I'll do my best to keep you motivated and excited, but I absolutely cannot guarantee you'll get results from this program. On the contrary, I can guarantee you won't get results if you don't implement what it teaches. So if you're not willing to fully commit and take action, then don't buy this.

Also some of testimonials here are from different paid trainings that are included as part of Agency Immersion, so they may not have seen the full course.